ABOUT US: Where We Are

AMA Technology GmbH is headquartered in the Technology Center for Future Energies in Lichtenau (NRW / Germany). Established as a crossing point between Europe and the Middle Eastern countries AMA Technology GmbH plans and develops Photovoltaic Projects with best scientific and technological knowledge in the renewable energy sector. Don´t hesitate to ask for our special support.


AMA Technology GmbH

AMA Technology GmbH
im Technologiezentrum für Zukunftsenergien
Leihbühl 21 • D 33165 Lichtenau

Email: info@ama-technology.de
Phone: +49 (0) 52 95 – 998 47 45
Mobile: +49 (0)171 – 625 33 14

AMA Technology GmbH . 33165 Lichtenau . NRW . Germany .

Lichtenau relies on an energy mix for sustainable energy supply. With 102 wind turbines, the municipality is a top performer in NRW. More than 600 photovoltaic roof systems ensure a sustainable efficient regenerative energy. Lichtenau produces more electricity than it needs in its urban area. Under the title „Field of Action, Business Economy and Marketing – Energy City Lichtenau“ an energy concept was developed that would support the energy supply of Industry and private households until 2020 by 100 percent to domestic energy sources.



(Source: Energy Agency NRW, Germany –