About us

Founded in 2015 we started at the Technology Center for Future Energies in Lichtenau with the claim to spread our renewable energy experience in the MENA region.

Beyond taking part in a couple of exhibitions and summits and after analyzing the conditions in the quite different countries, we not only met extremely competent local partner companies for a successful cooperation but also friends and extraordinary hospitality in these countries.

From our side, we actively support our partner companies: from planning to commissioning, from the order to the correct handling of deliveries of single products up to complete project establishing packages and payment processing; with excellent binding and reliability, we always have in view the long-term success of the overall project.
Because we know and want renewable energies, especially Photovoltaic plants, to work: they are an important contribution to the energy transition, not only in Europe but globally.

We are glad, if you choose us as a partner for your upcoming projects, we have the best references. Feel free to contact us:

where we started

photovoltaic works

Photovoltaic project with LED Floodlight-technology and storage

Reference: Photovoltaic pilot project for the world cup in Qatar

Contact details AMA technology GmbH

AMA Technology GmbH is headquartered in 33100 Paderborn (NRW / Germany). Branch: Koenigsplatz 15, 33098 Paderborn (NRW / Germany). Engineering, Planning & Supplying Photovoltaic Projects for Europe and MENA Region.

AMA technology GmbH: „We are calculating with sunshine…“